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What is the email marketing software for you?

Posted by on July 24, 2013

It is a well known fact, that email marketing is one of the best methods to promote anything online.  As discussed in the How and WHY to build a list post, the advantages are amazing.

Besides the copywriting and lead capture that is discussed in the Build Your List course, there’s the technical part of the email marketing software.

There are so many email marketing software out there, that it would be impossible to review them all in one post.  They all have the same basic function:

  • Gather leads to lists using forms on landing pages
  • Enable you to send messages to these lists

They differ in other features like design, tracking etc.

In this post I will go over the main email tracking software that are being used by marketers around the globe and point out pros and cons for each.


Aweber is one of the oldest email marketing services around.  They have the highest deliverability in the industry, and also have all the features you could expect in such a tool.  Aweber’s reputation is the best, and the prices show for it. Read more on


  • Easy to use interface
  • The highest deliverability possible (99%)
  • One of the easiest form templates creator (drug & drop interface)
  • A huge variety of form templates to choose from
  • Split-testing for your signup forms
  • Detailed analytics to the subscriber level (who opens, who clicks etc.)
  • Fast and efficient customer service


  • High price (starts at 19$/month for the basic package)
  • You must choose the type of opt-in (single or double) when you start your list and can’t change back


iContact is a great place to start.  The prices are reasonable (start with 14$/month for 500 subscribers) and has a free trial.  Their interface is really nice (free trial… check it out).  You can get more information at


  • You can create email surveys – marketing booster
  • You can post a list of your messages to a web page
  • Very easy to use interface
  • Starting price is $14/month
  • Optional services
  • Integrates with 3rd party services like analytics


  • Missing some analytics
  • Customer service has very limited hours and workdays

GVO Autoresponder

GVO is an online marketing hub. It has many features, but the most useful of them is the autoresponder.  It is also the cheapest autoresponder online (except the free ones).  They offer a 1$ trial to test the system.  Learn more at


  • Very cheap (10$/month to start with and upgrade to 10,000 subscribers costs around 50$/year).
  • A 1$ trial.
  • Can use single or double opt-in and switch at any time for any list
  • 24/7 live chat customer service.
  • Many other tools in the package including web hosting, video hosting, webinar room and more.
  • A huge online marketing “library” to help you learn and improve.
  • Has an affiliate program that appeals to online marketers.


  • A lot of missing analytics metrics.
  • Customer service has very limited hours and workdays
  • Relatively low deliverability
  • Old fashioned interface.
  • Has an affiliate program that appeals to online marketers (sorry for writing this twice, but for many people this is a con).


Trafficwave is a favorite for online marketers for two main reason: it gives you unlimited autoresponder with unlimited subscribers in addition to being dedicated to the autoresponder product (hence, it is constantly being upgraded).  You can try it out for 30 days totally free.  One of the biggest resources for email marketing exist on their site, and members benefit a lot from this.  You can check it out at


  • All inclusive price of 18$/month – no need to upgrade ever.
  • 30 days free trial.
  • Landing page creator with many templates to choose from (hosted forms).
  • Great support including an active forum.
  • A huge resource database to learn from.
  • Weekly webinars by the owner.
  • Ability to purchase traffic to your landing pages and get fresh leads.
  • Has an affiliate program that appeals to online marketers.
  • VERY flexible.


  • Interface always improving, but still needs some more touch.
  • Moderate analytics.
  • You can only get double opt in subscribers.
  • Has an affiliate program that appeals to online marketers (sorry for writing this twice, but for many people this is a con).


GetResponse provides an exceptional feature set, and a powerful yet simple account interface. Although GetResponse doesn’t have specialized tools for event marketers, most customers will be highly satisfied with the value they receive.  You can see more details at


  • Probably the BEST autoresponder out there on 2013
  • Free trial
  • A big inventory of email templates – makes you look professional.
  • A good design and UI
  • Good Email preview
  • Landing page creator
  • Video Tutorials
  • Prices start at 15$/month which is good for people starting up


  • There’s no possibility for list changing links (switch list with a click)
  • Not really suitable for newbies (but amazing to professionals).

In conclusion

You can choose whatever service you want, just make sure you are comfortable with the pricing and interface.  Check those that have a free trial to get the hang of it.

In our tutorials we will try to give examples using all of them.  Since many online networkers work with, we will do most of our tutorials with them, but as time goes we will add more tutorials for the other services.

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