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Unlimited Social Advertising unleashed!

Posted by on October 15, 2013

As many of you know, YourCreativeCrew now offers the Unlimited Social Advertising software with founding members positions still available.

In this post I’ll give a case study report of using the first version (A.K.A. alpha) of the software.  In this case study you’ll see how the software generated 103 leads in 10 days.

So, here we go…

By using the Unlimited Social Advertising software, I managed to get around 10,000 credits in 10 days (I got a little bit more, but used only 10,000 for this example).

Using these credits, I created 2 separate CPM campaigns:

CPM Campaigns

The landing page I used was our CBPassiveIncome – Operation QuickMoney.

This is a well designed landing page that converts.

So now, I had my campaigns and it took them 2-3 days to complete (each credit is used for a unique view – this means that a person can see your ad only once/day).

And the results? Here they are…

apsense conversion

The first thing to notice from the results is an amazing conversion rate of over 30%.  Conversion rates are a combination of traffic quality (yes, using the Unlimited Social Advertising software) and the landing page quality (using Chan’s system).  In this case, it seems, they are both of very high quality (I dare you to find a better conversion rate – it’s VERY rare).

The second thing to notice is the total of 103 conversions (leads).  These 2 campaigns, totalling 10,000 credits, just brought in 103 leads.

And you can have unlimited such campaigns just by using the Unlimited Social Advertising software.


Using the Unlimited Social Advertising software allowed us to create two “try out” campaigns totally free.  These campaigns results in 103 leads.  It took around 10 days to setup the campaigns, which means I got more than 10 leads/day!

I can’t wait to test the coming features of the Unlimited Social Advertising software, and I’m certainly using it daily right now to add high quality traffic to my marketing repertoire.

If you’re fast enough, you’d might be able to get  the “lifetime license”, so you won’t pay monthly for this high quality advertising or you can try out the software for just 1$. Click here to get the software

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