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Unlimited Social Advertising software makes 100$/month

Posted by on February 16, 2014


In the post about CBPassiveIncome I showed how a newbie can make money with the CBPassiveIncome system.

In the post regarding Unlimited Social Advertising, I showed how I generated TONS of leads using the software.

In this post, I’m going to show how this two tools create income in the long run, and are not limited for one-time use…

So, let’s go.

We have our CBPassiveIncome page ready (here it is: Operation QuickMoney).

We have our Unlimited Social Advertising working as well.

So I’ve setup a campaign with my Operation QuickMoney page on the last week of January.  The moment the campaign started, leads started pouring in.  Here’s a screenshot from the gmail account that’s getting leads notifications:

January CBPI Campaign

January CBPI Campaign

So with this campaign, I got a total of 72 leads.  Nice. But does it give me any cash?

The moment a lead enters the system, Patric Chan starts the sales funnel for me.  Here are my clickbank results for the CBPassiveIncome sales system:

January Campaign Sales

January Campaign Sales

And that was EASY!


This post, along with 2 others showing the usage of the Unlimited Social Advertising software and the CBPassiveIncome, prove that the concept works time and again.

Using the Unlimited Social Advertising software allow you to get unlimited amount of leads, while the CBPassiveIncome not only help you to get leads, but also automatically translates leads to cash (as shown here and on the  CBPassiveIncome blog post.

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