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Safelists Comparison

Posted by on August 18, 2013

Safelists are certainly a great method to get huge exposure to your site for free.  I actually built a list of more than 10,000 subscribers using mainly safelists.

Since your time is precious,  before you start, you should know in what safelists to invest your time. Here I will post my experience with the various safelists in regards to Click-Through-Rates (CTR), which means, what is the percentage of the emails I sent that were opened. I test the CTR with the CBPassiveIncome email templates. This way you’ll know what to expect and if you are short on time, where to invest your time.

And the results are as follows:

# Safelist Mailed To Clicks CTR Join Link
1. Bweeble 3000 77 2.56% Join Here
2. ListJoe 1000 42 4.2% Join Here
3. GotSafeList 2500 90 3.6% Join Here
4. HawkResponder ~300,000 256 0.085% Join Here
5. Adchiever 1200 33 2.75% Join Here
6. Wondermailer 52728 2794 5.3% Join Here
7. ListVolta 2000 120 6% Join Here
8. Apsense 8736 497 5.69% Join Here
9. Instant Blog Subscribers 200 23 11.5% Join Here

I’ll add more safelists to that list when I’ll get more results.

Remember – every exposure counts.  If you have time, sign up to as many Safelists as you can.

2 Responses to Safelists Comparison

  1. tai
    hi, i just login Listjoe try to send the first mail , im not what is all about as below ?
    To personalize the subject and/or message body, enter [FIRST_NAME].
    It must be [FIRST_NAME] exactly or it will not work!

    thank you


    • yonatan
      This means, that whenever you type [FIRST_NAME] in the email body or subject, the reader of the email will see his first name.
      What they “warn” about is that you must type it exactly as they write (better to do a copy-paste to avoid mistakes) otherwise it wouldn’t work.

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