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Posted by on February 25, 2015

Recently I’ve been asked by many people about a site that offers 200 unique hits to your website for free and also offers a “lucrative offer” – a huge amount of traffic and exposure to your site for only 47$/month.

This site is

In order to answer that I went ahead to their website to take a look (and try). Here’s what I have found:

Traffic quality – 1/10

  1. The traffic comes from popups/iframes/popunders. This means, you get mostly “garbage traffic” that consists of people trying to close a browser or surf away from a site.
  2. They have an internal counter, and they state that “many of our customers may be surprised that 100% our traffic does not show up in their tracking data”. Now, any traffic source that is not at least 90% aligned with google analytics is bad for your business. This means google doesn’t like that traffic… think for yourself about the implications…
  3. Among the reasons why “a specific analytics package doesn’t count our traffic properly”, they state that:
    1. “visitors close their browser window, your site is intercepted by a pop-up blocker, etc…” – well… daaaah!!! If they close their window or blocked, they never really were on your website, hence, why track this as a visit?!?
    2. “tracker will not count a visit unless a visitor has remained on the site for x number of seconds” – Really? Did you know that youtube doesn’t charge you if the visitor clicked on the “skip advertiser” link, sometimes after 10 seconds of watching your video? So why would you pay for 100ms of visit?!?

So as far as traffic quality goes – this is one of the lowest kind of traffic one can expect.

Moreover – they offer “search engine submission”.  This is by far, the useless marketing effort one can get. Especially when they offer to submit your website to “200,000 search engines”. I mean – why would you want to be submitted to a search engine that’s being used by 100 people?  There are 3-4 search engines you might care for. 2 of them are owned by google (google and youtube) – and submitting to them is as useful as, well… it’s not useful actually. So when I see such offers, I usually stay away from the company that offers them.

Prices – 2/10

Well… 100,000 visitors cost you 349$.  If these visitors were of some quality, I’d say it’s a bargain, but considering the traffic quality, this is a very high price to pay.

Transparency – 10/10

I’ve never known a company that shares its low quality to its audience.  They got 10/10 for this one…

General impression 1/10

I can’t see any reason why I’d use their services. You can try for yourself by using the free 200 visitors they offer. Here’s the link to the offer:

As mentioned above, I won’t be using their services.  What can be done to get almost free traffic? An idea can be found in the following ebook:

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  1. Rafael D' Jesus Ferreras Castillo
    I Use this site, when i buy the CB Passive Income to see if have results, but not honesty dont get any lead for the free Offer that they give 😀 (I have more results with safelist that this site)

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