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Passive Income Generator!

Posted by on August 10, 2013


CBPassiveIncome is one of the easiest shortcuts to creating a monthly income I’ve ever seen.

What it does, basically, is:

  1. Gives you a clone of a high converting squeeze page (check it out here).
  2. Helps you get the traffic for it.
  3. Builds the trust and converts the leads FOR YOU!

This is a very basic notion of what CBPassiveIncome offers you.

In my first week with this system, I made more than 100$ – with no bigger effort than sending an email.

Their system gives you so many tools to promote with, it’s impossible not to get traffic to your squeeze page.  Once you have traffic to your squeeze page, it’s impossible not to generate leads and sales – it just converts this good.

Here’s a video walkthrough of the back office

The price right now is 47$ one time, and you pay it only AFTER you are already using the system and making money (once you are on CBPassiveIncome close the window and it will give you the system for 1$ for the first 2 weeks – I made more than 100$ in the first week – watch it here).

If you purchase now, you will lock this onetime payment for life.  Since Patric (the owner) intends to make this offer a monthly payment, this onetime investment is well worth it.

Get your lifetime membership now

12 Responses to Passive Income Generator!

  1. Orb Gahm
    Just tryng tofigure out hw to let y know I joined passive incme generator for $47.00 before I saw your post! Now how to bypass the $97.00
  2. Lyndon
    Hey Yonatan, I worked on your program for a couple of days from scratch and already have two leads that I was not expecting! Good things to come!
    • yonatan
      Hi Lyndon, I’m happy to read it works for you as well. I’ll soon post my experience after about 3 weeks with the system. The guide is actually what I did on my first 2 weeks.
      Keep up the good work, and feel free to ask questions.
  3. Justin Michie
    I like your teaching great.
  4. Jim
    Hello Yonatan,

    Very interesting blog you have here. I was about to buy the CB Passive Income system directly from Clickbank, when I saw your testimonial on the sales page and decided to check out your blog. Now that I see all the work that you’ve put into your blog, I’ll buy through your link here.

    While I am a newbie, I do believe that email marketing is better than all the other methods of internet marketing I’ve read about when it comes to consistency and profitability. It’s the getting started, finding products, writing email sequences that make sense, buying and testing new products and courses and of course all the testing for each step of the process. Even after reading other courses on email marketing, the difficulty level is like doing taxes for my business! (I pay someone else to do my taxes!) It certainly seems that CB Passive Income has made it easy to get started.

    So, I am really interested in learning how to create the actual email sequences themselves. I would like to know the actual thinking process that allows someone to find the latest and greatest products and then be able to write an interesting email that “steers” their subscribers toward the product in a “natural” way that doesn’t come across as “all about the sell” and more about “helping them”.

    Obviously, a more experienced marketer would have an easier time switching from “email marketing” to “facebook advertising” to “website building” in their email sequences since they know how to relate these products to each other. They know the pros and cons of each type of internet marketing well enough to take the email conversation from one product to another. But, for newbies like myself, this is the stumbling block that turns into a full blown brick wall. Hopefully, CB Passive Income will help! But if you have any suggestions or know of anyone that teaches how to write email sequences that would be great.

    And finally, great site you have here. I like that I’m not overwhelmed with flashing banners and that I can actually navigate your site without being taken to a sign up page everytime I click on something. It gives me a chance to actually read and learn without interruption. I have enough problems with ADD! Most importantly, your site does make me appreciate the time you’ve taken to write about your experiences in the IM world. To me, that is the hardest part, getting others to appreciate you work. Good job, Yonatan. Thank you and “I’ll be back!”


  5. Rafael d Jesus Ferreras Castillo
    Hey Yonatan, God Bless you,

    Great Guide, i use the advice for Bidvertirser and have good results.

    Keep up the Good Work

  6. Rafael d Jesus Ferreras Castillo
    Good Review Yonatan, I Was follow you guide to get more leads to cb passive income, and have good results, keep with the good work.
  7. jay
    Do i need upgrade to pro member or regluer is fine?
    • yonatan
      Regular is OK as long as you keep sending new prospects to the system. Pro gives you the option to farther monetize the traffic.
  8. jay
    Should i upgrade to pro to bulid my own list?
    • yonatan
      Building your own list is always recommended, since you can farther monetize the list.

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