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My Clixzor Experience

Posted by on August 21, 2013

Clixzor is an advertising website with various advertising options.  It also offers you a return on investment when purchasing ads, actually paying you to advertise. The site seems very professionally made, and I decided to test it.

The results?  I was AMAZED to see the results Clixzor  generated – 57 leads in less than a week!!!

How did I do it? Here’s the full story.

After signing up to Clixzor, I moved around the website and tried to understand what’s going on.

Well, the site is pretty complex, but well built so anyone with a little time can manage to understand fully what happens there.  Here’s a short summary:

  • You can purchase advertising – PTC ads, featured ads (CPM), login ads, pay for people to join your sites and traffic exchange visitors.
  • You can purchase shares, that give you advertising credits in addition to a daily revenue share.
  • There are various membership upgrades which allow you to earn differently and purchase different numbers of shares (the higher your level, the more shares you can purchase).
  • Clixgrid – you click on the grid and have a chance to win prizes.
  • Earn area – you can click on ads to get money.

After understanding the website, I could now go ahead and purchase ads.

I first decided what to promote.  Naturally, I first thought of the “Operation Quick Money” landing page.  This page is proven to convert very well, and generate me leads to then monetize (if you want to know how it works, click here to find out).

Then I purchased a Clixzor share for 49$. This gave me:

  • 1000 PTC Credits
  • 10000 Featured Ad Credits
  • 1000000 Banner Ad Credits
  • 10000 Featured Link Credits
  • 10000 Login Ad Credits
  • In addition, I received $1.96 for 30 days – giving me 58.8$ back!

The campaign ran for about a week (14th to the 20th of August 2013).

As I said, the results were AMAZING.  Just look at the number of leads generated during the week from Clixzor:

Clixzor results no. 1Clixzor results no. 2











57 leads in a matter of 1 week – and I still have advertising credits to spare AND I get my money back daily.

That’s an amazing deal…


Clixzor performed way above my expectations.  It proved to be a true source for high quality traffic, and the price… well, since I get paid to advertise, why not do it all the time?

You can join Clixzor from this link.

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