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How I started with online marketing

Posted by on July 22, 2013

Many people ask me: how did you get to do online marketing? This opens the door for them to become successful online marketers themselves.  Why? Here’s the answer.

While the answer for this question is quite simple, I believe this question hides behind it a different question: how can I start to do online marketing?

Well, this question also holds within it a whole new world of sub questions.

  • What tools do I need to start?
  • How much would it cost to start?
  • What products to promote?
  • How to promote?

The questions above are technical and are quite easy to answer.

The two “million dollars” questions are:

Why do I get involved in online marketing and is it for me?

Now these are the most important questions, because the most important tool in online marketing is persistence.

If you are getting involved for the wrong reasons, persistence is going to be VERY hard.

So the first thing an online marketer needs to clarify is why do I get inolved.

I’ll give you one tip here – it’s not the money…  if you want only money, you will fail.

What can be very good reasons to be involved in online marketing? Here are some:

  • You love to learn
  • You want and love to share with others
  • You love social networking
  • You love to experience new things
  • You wish to spend more time with your…. (family/friends)

There are so many reasons why, I can’t even start to count them all, but you probably help.

Please share your reasons in the comments section below to help others with finding their reasons to become online marketers.

2 Responses to How I started with online marketing

  1. siewen
    Hey, i wish i can connect with you personally as i fail to locate your facebook or email address here.
    kindly leave me a message so that we can be connected. Thanks.
    thank you for the info and value provide in your blog. Enjoy reading every of the post!
    • yonatan
      You can contact me via email: support at

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