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Get paid to build your list or build your list?

Posted by on August 20, 2013

Two main list builders are now out in the market.  I wrote about both – PaidToBuildYourList and CBPassiveIncome.  Both look very cool and very professional, but they differ vastly in many ways.

I was asked by several friends and YCC members to review GetPaidToBuildYourList.  After heavily promoting CBPassiveIncome, I was also asked “which one to work with?”

In this post I’ll make the comparison and tell you why I think you should…  didn’t think I’ll make it THAT easy, did you?

Keep reading to read what I think and why, and with which of them I did more than 1000$ on my first 2 weeks.

First of all, let’s understand why you want to work with only one and not two (or more) list builders.

When you build a list of subscribers, especially when you start, there is one crucial factor for success: numbers.  If you have 200 lists of 100 people or one list of 20,000 people it’s a HUGE difference.

Moreover, spreading too thin is not suggested to anyone – especially for people who just begin to build their list.

Now, let’s move on to analyzing building your list with the two programs.  Get ready for:

GetPaidToBuildYourList vs. CBPassiveIncome

There are some important parameters that I’ll go over and point out how each opportunity covers them.

  • Price – while GetPaidToBuildYourList is free, it has an upgrade function that without it, the list building feature is not working.  Hence, you must upgrade with at least 10$ in order to enjoy a real list building benefit.  In order to enjoy ALL the benefits you will need to pay 155$ total.
    CBPassiveIncome costs 47$ one time fee with two options to upgrade that are not required.Summary: GetPaidToBuildYourList gives you everything for 10$-155$.  CBPassiveIncome costs 47$, and can be upgraded for another 97$ (a total of 144$).  So in regards to prices, they are quite the same…Score: 1:1
  • Interface – Both interfaces look very clean, but here are the main differences:
    CBPassiveIncome interface is clean, clear and very professional.  Patric Chan, who’s a professional marketer (millionaire marketer, actually), managed to build a KISS system (keep it stupid simple) – although, there’s nothing stupid in the system, of course.

    GetPaidToBuildYourList interface is very confusing and not intuitive.  It took me a long time to understand what I need to do (and I think I can consider myself to be an experienced user).  It seems as if the admin knows what he built, but could not find the words to express it.

    There are too many places that tell the same thing in different words, I found it hard to focus on what to do.  Eventually, I managed to setup my account as a free member only to find out it is useless since I won’t be building my list, only earn 5$ if someone joins through my link and decides to upgrade.Summary: a huge difference between the two interfaces in favor of CBPassiveIncome.  A cleaner and much more professional interface makes it clear what a person needs to do now:  a video, and below the video steps that are written very clearly.

    Score: 1:2

  • Training – training sections exist on both sites.  While GetPaidToBuildYourList  consists of a few links, mostly to webinars and some “personal empowerment” book written by the admin, CBPassiveIncome training section consists of professionally written guides on how to promote on: Youtube, facebook, twitter, blogs and a lot more!Moreover, CBPassiveIncome is built such that training is scalable – you can start from the newbies training and move up the ladder.Check out the inside of the two opps in this video: click for video.Summary: CBPassiveIncome has a vast training section while GetPaidToBuildYourList training section is something that the admin should remove unless he’s going to put some real training.

    Score: 1:3

  • Main function – the main function of both sites is clear: generate a big list. Right? WRONG!
    While GetPaidToBuildYourList  focuses on getting the list, CBPassiveIncome focuses on the main thing for which you are building the list for – monetizing it.  Even though the work you do in both is relatively the same (you promote your personal website), in CBPassiveIncome this is where your work ends, and where Patric monetizes your list for you (an online millionaire works FOR YOU!) you work in GetPaidToBuildYourList  just begins.Another main difference is the type of leads you get.The leads in GetPaidToBuildYourList  reach you from a landing page that appeals to online marketers from a certain field mostly.  Moreover, when you get the leads they are people who just want to build their list.They were never really interested to get information from you, nor do they know you (in the case they already know you, it is useless, since this “lead” was already in some list of yours in the first place).

    If that’s not enough – these guys sign up to 30 lists in a short time – all of them are more eager to start building their own lists (and get the 5$ “bonus”) – so it is probable the the unsubscribe rates would be higher than usual and the CTR (click through rates) would be lower than organic leads.

    I will state here, in favor of GetPaidToBuildYourList  that you have the option to get subscribers virally which makes your list building much better.  Then again – these subscribers are the same people mentioned above.

    CBPassiveIncome is totally different.  Your visitors get to a generic landing page, offering them an opportunity to make money online – and they sign up to get tips and methods to make money online.  They get VALUE.  And trust me – Patric knows how to create value.  He has his history as an affiliate (as well as his bank account) to show for it.

    Summary: While GetPaidToBuildYourList  focuses on quantity, CBPassiveIncome focuses on quality.

    While GetPaidToBuildYourList gives you a tool to get a big list, CBPassiveIncome gives you a tool to create a smaller but higher quality list AND you get an expert to monetize it for you.

    Score: 2:5 (quality and monetization are two things CBPassiveIncome  is better with while GetPaidToBuildYourList  gets one for virality).

And the winner is…

Sorry GetPaidToBuildYourList – you tried, and you do appeal to a certain market (especially those who are after “easy money”) but… what we have here is a smartly covered pyramid scheme in which the people at the top get money while those below struggle.

The difference in the level of the software, the way things are presented and eventually the level of the product itself show the advantage Patric Chan has both in experience and knowledge.

CBPassiveIncome  was created by an online millionaire.   He’s a professional super affiliate. It says a lot.  His training is amazing, and his sales funnel is superb – converted 3 sales on my first few days in the program and currently 1000$ in a matter of about 2 weeks.

GetPaidToBuildYourList is more appealing to newbies because their first obstacle is traffic and they do not understand that monetizing the list is the hard part.  Getting traffic is EASY and anyone who joined me on CBPassiveIncome  got my guide and had his first lead after utilizing just the first out of a 14 days training.

The professionals are attracted to CBPassiveIncome, because it was created by a professional.  It makes a REAL PASSIVE INCOME because you just build a traffic funnel (so easy…) and the hard work (sales funnel) is done for you.

So yea, the winner is: CBPassiveIncome

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