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Free traffic and viral marketing system done for you offer

Posted by on April 17, 2014

Those who know me, know I just LOVE automation and marketing technologies.  Since I’m a programmer myself, I also create a few tools of my own from time to time.

I’ve just finished testing a new system (well, it’s not so new, since I’ve been using and testing it in the past 3 months), that drives high quality traffic to my landing pages totally free and on auto pilot.

With this system, after running it for around 3 months, I get an average of 100 new leads per day! And I’m practically doing NOTHING!  Currently I’ve earned more than 8000$ in around 6 months – that’s a passive income of more than 1000$/month!!!

How does it work?

  1. You get your landing page (how to do it comes later).
  2. I setup your Viral Integration for you.
  3. I setup your “kickstart” traffic for you.
  4. You can promote on your own (I show you how as well).
  5. Your leads get emails that sell them things on your behalf – you get 50-75% commission per sale!

Here’s an example.  I get around 100 leads per day.  Let’s assume a meager 2% conversion rate (only 2 people purchase per day).  For each sale, I get around 20$ – that means on average 40$ per day.  40$ times 30 days is 1200$ per month.  That simple…

You can take a test drive here:

Now, it might look familiar to you, since this page is being promoted all over – as a matter of fact, you might have seen this page on facebook. And you know what? I’ve never promoted this on facebook… it’s all totally passive traffic, since I didn’t do anything except give it a little push.

How can YOU get this cashcow?

Since it’s spring time, and we all feel the sharing and growth and nature’s rebirth I’m feeling generous again to give you this system AND the same first push I gave my own system totally free.

Just follow the steps below to do what I did in order to setup your 1000$/month passive income business:

1) Get your CBPI account (onetime 47$ that goes to its author) – click here to get it.

2) Setup your account and get your CBPI username.

3) Fill in the form below:

[CBPI viral system]

That’s it – I’ll take it from there…



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  1. Anita Clancy
    so what is happening – didnt get login details so am wasting my valuable time………..
    • yonatan
      Login details to where? There is nowhere to login – maybe except facebook or twitter…

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