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CBPassiveIncome newbie results

Posted by on August 30, 2013

CBPassiveIncome is, in my opinion, one of the best opportunities online.  Stress free (no monthly payment), easy and evergreen (YES – it’s not some trendy product that will be obsolete once google/facebook/whoever changes their algorithm/policy/whatever).

Many people tell me that my success with the system is related to my online marketing experience, so I decided to demonstrate this system works for ANYONE!

In this post, I show how a “newbie” account made more than 80$ after less than one month using the methods I share with my CBPassiveIncome team (you can see them here).

The beginning

I first created a new CBPassiveIncome account – clean, clear and fresh.  I changed my affiliate ID, setup a NEW clickbank account and ‘signed up’ to the daily marketing guide.

This is my “status zero”:

Fresh account

The “Struggle”

I quickly found out that doing the marketing “chores” is time consuming – it took me around 15 minutes to do the first chore.  Then, on the second day, it took me another 30 minutes to do the next chore.

What a time consuming job is that?  I hope I would get results…

The results

Ok – since I wrote the guide, I can’t say I was amazed it was working.  On the third day leads started streaming into the system.  YOOHOO!

At first, they were 2-3 leads/day.  As I got more and more traffic sources using the guide into the marketing campaign, the pace started peaking… after 1 week, I stood at around 10-12 leads/day.  This means, around 300 leads/month if I keep up with these methods.  Not bad for a free system, right?

Here are the stats after 2 weeks:

After two weeks

Now let’s take a look at the monetary value here:

  1. First, I got some clickbank sales:
    Clickbank ResultsAs can be seen, I had 6 sales for the newbie account (cbnube), two of them got me around 21$ instantly, and 4 more would pay me after 14 days (these guys purchased the 1$ package).
    Because you can offer them the daily marketing guide, the refunds should be very close to zero, since they should get results similar to this one…
  2. Now let’s look at the future earnings.  So far I got more than 150 leads.  Current pace is 8 to 14 leads/day.  Let’s assume a conservative 10 leads/day average (and I didn’t even utilized many of the tools I usually do and share in the daily marketing guide).
    So 300 leads/month on average, means around 3600 leads/year.
    If we get 10% click-through-rate for these leads, and assume an average earning per click of a product to be around 0.3$, this means that every week this list is going to make me: 3600*10%*0.3$ = 108$.  This means, around 432$ monthly passive income.
    432$ in passive income + the list keeps growing + I get the leads into my own autoresponder to monetize them farther…
    Not so bad for a 47$ investment.


The “experiment” above is on good reason to believe CBPassiveIncome  to be one of the best money making opportunities online.  It’s not a “get rich quick” scheme.  It’s not “become a millionaire overnight” promise (99.9% of these are scams, of course).

CBPassiveIncome is the real deal – an evergreen, ever lasting product you can count on to make you passive income AND increase your list size every DAY.

All you need to do is to sign up (costs 1$ if you want to try it out), follow the daily marketing guide and you’re set!  No monthly fees, no site building, no hype – simply CBPassiveIncome.



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  1. tai
    hi, im TAI from malaysia , im new making money online.

    hope we can keep contact and manythings can learn from you…

    Thank you , have a nice day.

    Best Rdgs,


  2. GERRY
    hi yonatan is there a possibility to pm you via e mail.thanks

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