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Safelists Comparison

Safelists are certainly a great method to get huge exposure to your site for free.  I actually built a list of more than 10,000 subscribers using mainly safelists. Since your time is precious,  before you start, you should know in what safelists to invest your time. Here I will post my experience with the various … Continue reading »

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CBPassiveIncome backoffice walkthrough

In this video I walk you through the CBPassiveIncome backoffice and show you how 100$ can be made on your first week!  If you don’t know what this system is, you can read about it here.   As you can see, CBPassiveIncome is not your ordinary guide.  It actually does everything for you, and generates you a residual passive … Continue reading »

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Passive Income Generator!

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Check your grammar – a cool automated tool!

As many point out, content is the most important thing when it comes to organic traffic generation. Now, you can be a native English speaker, but you will probably have grammar and spelling errors from time to time.  Such errors can hurt credibility and eventually, your business. This is very important with any text: blog … Continue reading »

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Get Paid to Build Your List

A really nice viral tool helps you build your list easily. It’s totally free to join and use. Just watch the video and see how it works: Get paid to build your list. I’ll review it later on during August.

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You sites signup and login now made easier – and more secure

One of the “hazards” of being an online marketer is the number of sites you need to sign up to. The issue was solved in two main methods: The most common method of choosing the same password for all the websites – easy to remember BUT has a lot of risk into it, for clear … Continue reading »

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What is the email marketing software for you?

It is a well known fact, that email marketing is one of the best methods to promote anything online.  As discussed in the How and WHY to build a list post, the advantages are amazing. Besides the copywriting and lead capture that is discussed in the Build Your List course, there’s the technical part of the email … Continue reading »

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Build your list part 2

In the last part we planned your lead capture system. Here’s what it looked like: We will start from the last part – the autoresponder sequence.

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