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Build your list part 1

Posted by on July 23, 2013

Building your list is one of the most rewarding online marketing habits.  It’s a “habit” because you do it all the time.  If you don’t, you lose money.

Since this is a practical guide, the “why” and philosophy behind the “how” are discussed in How and WHY to build a list.  I suggest reading it for some motivation.

And now, let’s get practical. In this series of posts, I’m going to give you a game plan in order to build an automated, viral list building system. Yes – you are going to build a system.  And it’s as easy as 1-2-3 (ok, maybe we’ll get to 4 or 5, but that’s as far as it goes).

Remember always the online marketing traits – persist, learn, act and have patience.  Rome wasn’t built in 1 day.

Let’s get started!

The first thing to do is rush and get all the tools you need and don’t need and build everything and…

Ok, this is not how we’re going to go at it.  First, we’re going to chart out a plan of how we want things to look like.

Here’s an image of a marketing plan for a lead capture marketing system:

System Plan

Lead Capture System Plan


As you can see it is VERY simple.  The visitor first gets to a landing page.  He views an offer, and connects to facebook to share and get the valued gift.  Then, the visitor opts in to receive more content.

Do you want to see an example? Click here to see

So you see, the system is not so complex, and you see it around you all the time.  You might not know how to build it yet, but trust me – it can take somewhere between 15 to 30 minutes to someone who is totally new.

So, now that you understand the basic concept of planning,  we can go for practice. Let’s build YOUR system.

In the next posts in this series we will go over the practical steps needed to setup your list building system.

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