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Banner Exchanges Review

Posted by on August 19, 2013

Banner exchanges are sites that allow you to post your banner in exchange for you promoting other banners.  It is usually a credit based system in which for every impression you supply to the system, you receive a certain amount of impressions to your banners.

As with any other advertising sites, banner exchanges have good, better and best and in this guide I’ll review some of them that I’m using.


The best banner exchange online.  You get your banners to show on their vast sites network with advertising that work.  My average Click-Through-Rate (CTR) is % 0.128, which seems a bit low – but considering I so far had around 1,000,000 views to my banners it’s pretty good exposure.  Here’s a video on how to setup a banner campaign on 1800Banners.

The site has a great and modern interface, and customer support is surprisingly good and even features a live chat.

There’s also an affiliate program that pays you 3 levels deep, both money (in case someone makes a purchase) and credits (when your referrals get points).

They always upgrade, and recently they added a “tax” feature for bad publishers, who bring low quality traffic, so the network’s quality is constantly on the rise.

Check out 1800Banners.

The Banner Exchange

While keeping a minimalistic design, The Banner Exchange is definitely a professional banner exchange.  It brings good results (CTR – 0.127%…) but also makes your life easier by giving you detailed tutorials every step of the way.

The Banner Exchange features an affiliate program that gives you 5000 credits for every new member you bring in.

Check out The Banner Exchange.


Another minimalistic design banner exchange that delivers quality traffic to your site.  eBannerTraffic works much like the ones above – get a code, get traffic, get credits and eventually exposure to your banners.

eBannerTraffic features an affiliate program that gives you credits for every member you bring in.

Check out eBannerTraffic.

More reviews are coming really soon – just waiting on results for current campaigns…

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