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How to setup clixzor ads?

After the last post My Clixzor Experience I was asked by several members how to purchase and place effective ads that pay you. So, here’s a short tutorial: Sign up to clixzor Login Click on “Add Funds” at the financial area in the left side of the members area Choose your payment method and the amount you … Continue reading »

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My Clixzor Experience

Clixzor is an advertising website with various advertising options.  It also offers you a return on investment when purchasing ads, actually paying you to advertise. The site seems very professionally made, and I decided to test it. The results?  I was AMAZED to see the results Clixzor  generated – 57 leads in less than a week!!! How … Continue reading »

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Get paid to build your list or build your list?

Two main list builders are now out in the market.  I wrote about both – PaidToBuildYourList and CBPassiveIncome.  Both look very cool and very professional, but they differ vastly in many ways. I was asked by several friends and YCC members to review GetPaidToBuildYourList.  After heavily promoting CBPassiveIncome, I was also asked “which one to work … Continue reading »

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Banner Exchanges Review

Banner exchanges are sites that allow you to post your banner in exchange for you promoting other banners.  It is usually a credit based system in which for every impression you supply to the system, you receive a certain amount of impressions to your banners. As with any other advertising sites, banner exchanges have good, … Continue reading »

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Safelists Comparison

Safelists are certainly a great method to get huge exposure to your site for free.  I actually built a list of more than 10,000 subscribers using mainly safelists. Since your time is precious,  before you start, you should know in what safelists to invest your time. Here I will post my experience with the various … Continue reading »

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CBPassiveIncome backoffice walkthrough

In this video I walk you through the CBPassiveIncome backoffice and show you how 100$ can be made on your first week!  If you don’t know what this system is, you can read about it here.   As you can see, CBPassiveIncome is not your ordinary guide.  It actually does everything for you, and generates you a residual passive … Continue reading »

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Passive Income Generator!

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Check your grammar – a cool automated tool!

As many point out, content is the most important thing when it comes to organic traffic generation. Now, you can be a native English speaker, but you will probably have grammar and spelling errors from time to time.  Such errors can hurt credibility and eventually, your business. This is very important with any text: blog … Continue reading »

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Get paid to youtube, tweet and hang out on facebook!

The job of your dreams? 25$/hour for using social networks like facebook and youtube! Click for more information  

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Get Paid to Build Your List

A really nice viral tool helps you build your list easily. It’s totally free to join and use. Just watch the video and see how it works: Get paid to build your list. I’ll review it later on during August.

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