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Adhitprofits Review

Posted by on July 29, 2013

Adhitprofits is an advertising website.  On this website you can market your own page (read my experience with Adhitprofits PPC), become an affiliate and earn money – or just invest in the company and earn a nice and relatively safe return on your investment (125% on your funds).

The Adhitprofits admin, Charles Scoville, is leading this site to become a prominent name in the online marketing world.  With over 40,000 active members in less than 4 months, Charles shows he knows how to manage and move things.

Even though he must be busy with running and planning everything, Scoville always finds the time to talk to the members (either via the site’s forum or on skype) and get messages out to members with news, updates and guides to help people out.

Recently, a hacker injected around 67 million dollars into the system, using an STP security loophole.  Scoville handled the situation with professionalism and speed that most site admins can only envy.

So what this website’s all about?

At the moment you need to dig the website in order to find what each advertising tool really is but after a few inquiries, it got down to this:

  • Setup a banner in rotation – there are 2 728X90 banner spots on their forum.  These are sold for a daily/weekly/monthly period for people to put their banner in rotation.
  • Setup your site in the listing – Each member can purchase a listing package that allows him to promote a banner on the listing page. Each person who is part of the listing and wants to earn a daily share from it, needs to click 10 ads that are put into the listing as well.  Nice cheap traffic.
  • Guaranteed traffic – the site sells 1000 clicks to your site for 40$.  This makes it super cheap traffic to your site (4 cents/hit). This traffic comes from site members who click a link that offers them a random prize.
  • PPC – In this part you can setup a 468×60 or 125×125 banner that will rotate on the site and forum and pay for the clicks.  Each click costs 25 cents (or 50 cents, if you geo target your visitors).

Affiliates have 2 main methods to earn money:

  1. Purchase shares and earn money via money distribution in the system.  Each share costs 45$ and earns you a sum of 56.25$ (125%).  In return for the purchase, you can list your site for others to watch it and get traffic.
  2. Refer other members and get paid 10% from their purchases.


Adhitprofits seemed at first just like any other HYIP.  The integrity of the owner, Chales Scoville, led to the site being a leader in the field of online marketing solutions.

On Adhitprofits you can enjoy many worlds:

  • Affordable and effective advertising.
  • Simplicity in setting up campaigns.
  • A passive revenue share system.
  • A generous affiliate program.

So all in all, Adhitprofits has all the ingredients to keep growing and it would probably keep doing so in the future.  You can join Adhitprofits for free and test the system for yourself.



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