Passive Income Generator!

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Get paid to youtube, tweet and hang out on facebook!

The job of your dreams? 25$/hour for using social networks like facebook and youtube!

Click for more information


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Make money from video – start with a free software

Here’s a small tip on how to attract leads or even sales with a free video capture software.

Have you ever watched a great tutorial and hit the “like” button below? Have you found a great video course on the internet you wanted to buy? Or maybe found a series of videos that were sent to you via email once you subscribed to an opt in list?

In all of these cases, someone made some marketing revenue from you – either by you “liking” his product or by you buying it.  The “How to?” searches on google show how much these types of videos are attractive.

And you don’t have to pay 100’s and 1000’s of dollars to purchase a recording software – you can get it totally free. This tool also allows you to:

  • Record screen and webcam
  • Publish to YouTube HD
  • Publish to MP4, AVI, FLV movie
  • Free hosting

What can you do with it?

  • Craete videos that answer frequently searched queries (“How to handle the blue screen error on windows 7”)
  • Create viral pages that allow users to see the video if the share the page
  • Create tutorial serieses and presentations that will be sent to your email list subsribers
  • Create online courses and sell them (like in uDemy).

I guess there are many more methods to make money from this kind of tool.  Feel free to share them below.

Get your free video capture software now!


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Make money on every facebook post – free video

Ready to make money on every facebook post? Here are the details:

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If after watching the video you would like a series of blog posts on how to use this method, please post your comment below mentioning that.

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Recently I’ve been asked by many people about a site that offers 200 unique hits to your website for free and also offers a “lucrative offer” – a huge amount of traffic and exposure to your site for only 47$/month.

This site is

In order to answer that I went ahead to their website to take a look (and try). Here’s what I have found:

Traffic quality – 1/10

  1. The traffic comes from popups/iframes/popunders. This means, you get mostly “garbage traffic” that consists of people trying to close a browser or surf away from a site.
  2. They have an internal counter, and they state that “many of our customers may be surprised that 100% our traffic does not show up in their tracking data”. Now, any traffic source that is not at least 90% aligned with google analytics is bad for your business. This means google doesn’t like that traffic… think for yourself about the implications…
  3. Among the reasons why “a specific analytics package doesn’t count our traffic properly”, they state that:
    1. “visitors close their browser window, your site is intercepted by a pop-up blocker, etc…” – well… daaaah!!! If they close their window or blocked, they never really were on your website, hence, why track this as a visit?!?
    2. “tracker will not count a visit unless a visitor has remained on the site for x number of seconds” – Really? Did you know that youtube doesn’t charge you if the visitor clicked on the “skip advertiser” link, sometimes after 10 seconds of watching your video? So why would you pay for 100ms of visit?!?

So as far as traffic quality goes – this is one of the lowest kind of traffic one can expect.

Moreover – they offer “search engine submission”.  This is by far, the useless marketing effort one can get. Especially when they offer to submit your website to “200,000 search engines”. I mean – why would you want to be submitted to a search engine that’s being used by 100 people?  There are 3-4 search engines you might care for. 2 of them are owned by google (google and youtube) – and submitting to them is as useful as, well… it’s not useful actually. So when I see such offers, I usually stay away from the company that offers them.

Prices – 2/10

Well… 100,000 visitors cost you 349$.  If these visitors were of some quality, I’d say it’s a bargain, but considering the traffic quality, this is a very high price to pay.

Transparency – 10/10

I’ve never known a company that shares its low quality to its audience.  They got 10/10 for this one…

General impression 1/10

I can’t see any reason why I’d use their services. You can try for yourself by using the free 200 visitors they offer. Here’s the link to the offer:

As mentioned above, I won’t be using their services.  What can be done to get almost free traffic? An idea can be found in the following ebook:

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Snake game

Play the game you always wanted to play!

Just choose the sharing method to start playing and have an endless joy ride!

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Free traffic and viral marketing system done for you offer

Those who know me, know I just LOVE automation and marketing technologies.  Since I’m a programmer myself, I also create a few tools of my own from time to time.

I’ve just finished testing a new system (well, it’s not so new, since I’ve been using and testing it in the past 3 months), that drives high quality traffic to my landing pages totally free and on auto pilot.

With this system, after running it for around 3 months, I get an average of 100 new leads per day! And I’m practically doing NOTHING!  Currently I’ve earned more than 8000$ in around 6 months – that’s a passive income of more than 1000$/month!!!

How does it work?

  1. You get your landing page (how to do it comes later).
  2. I setup your Viral Integration for you.
  3. I setup your “kickstart” traffic for you.
  4. You can promote on your own (I show you how as well).
  5. Your leads get emails that sell them things on your behalf – you get 50-75% commission per sale!

Here’s an example.  I get around 100 leads per day.  Let’s assume a meager 2% conversion rate (only 2 people purchase per day).  For each sale, I get around 20$ – that means on average 40$ per day.  40$ times 30 days is 1200$ per month.  That simple…

You can take a test drive here:

Now, it might look familiar to you, since this page is being promoted all over – as a matter of fact, you might have seen this page on facebook. And you know what? I’ve never promoted this on facebook… it’s all totally passive traffic, since I didn’t do anything except give it a little push.

How can YOU get this cashcow?

Since it’s spring time, and we all feel the sharing and growth and nature’s rebirth I’m feeling generous again to give you this system AND the same first push I gave my own system totally free.

Just follow the steps below to do what I did in order to setup your 1000$/month passive income business:

1) Get your CBPI account (onetime 47$ that goes to its author) – click here to get it.

2) Setup your account and get your CBPI username.

3) Fill in the form below:

[CBPI viral system]

That’s it – I’ll take it from there…



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Unlimited Social Advertising software makes 100$/month


In the post about CBPassiveIncome I showed how a newbie can make money with the CBPassiveIncome system.

In the post regarding Unlimited Social Advertising, I showed how I generated TONS of leads using the software.

In this post, I’m going to show how this two tools create income in the long run, and are not limited for one-time use…

So, let’s go.

We have our CBPassiveIncome page ready (here it is: Operation QuickMoney).

We have our Unlimited Social Advertising working as well.

So I’ve setup a campaign with my Operation QuickMoney page on the last week of January.  The moment the campaign started, leads started pouring in.  Here’s a screenshot from the gmail account that’s getting leads notifications:

January CBPI Campaign

January CBPI Campaign

So with this campaign, I got a total of 72 leads.  Nice. But does it give me any cash?

The moment a lead enters the system, Patric Chan starts the sales funnel for me.  Here are my clickbank results for the CBPassiveIncome sales system:

January Campaign Sales

January Campaign Sales

And that was EASY!


This post, along with 2 others showing the usage of the Unlimited Social Advertising software and the CBPassiveIncome, prove that the concept works time and again.

Using the Unlimited Social Advertising software allow you to get unlimited amount of leads, while the CBPassiveIncome not only help you to get leads, but also automatically translates leads to cash (as shown here and on the  CBPassiveIncome blog post.

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Unlimited Social Advertising unleashed!

As many of you know, YourCreativeCrew now offers the Unlimited Social Advertising software with founding members positions still available.

In this post I’ll give a case study report of using the first version (A.K.A. alpha) of the software.  In this case study you’ll see how the software generated 103 leads in 10 days.

So, here we go…

By using the Unlimited Social Advertising software, I managed to get around 10,000 credits in 10 days (I got a little bit more, but used only 10,000 for this example).

Using these credits, I created 2 separate CPM campaigns:

CPM Campaigns

The landing page I used was our CBPassiveIncome – Operation QuickMoney.

This is a well designed landing page that converts.

So now, I had my campaigns and it took them 2-3 days to complete (each credit is used for a unique view – this means that a person can see your ad only once/day).

And the results? Here they are…

apsense conversion

The first thing to notice from the results is an amazing conversion rate of over 30%.  Conversion rates are a combination of traffic quality (yes, using the Unlimited Social Advertising software) and the landing page quality (using Chan’s system).  In this case, it seems, they are both of very high quality (I dare you to find a better conversion rate – it’s VERY rare).

The second thing to notice is the total of 103 conversions (leads).  These 2 campaigns, totalling 10,000 credits, just brought in 103 leads.

And you can have unlimited such campaigns just by using the Unlimited Social Advertising software.


Using the Unlimited Social Advertising software allowed us to create two “try out” campaigns totally free.  These campaigns results in 103 leads.  It took around 10 days to setup the campaigns, which means I got more than 10 leads/day!

I can’t wait to test the coming features of the Unlimited Social Advertising software, and I’m certainly using it daily right now to add high quality traffic to my marketing repertoire.

If you’re fast enough, you’d might be able to get  the “lifetime license”, so you won’t pay monthly for this high quality advertising or you can try out the software for just 1$. Click here to get the software

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Using contests to generate leads

One of the methods big companies use to attract leads is by creating contests.

The prizes vary – from cars through fully funded abroad family vacations to cash prizes and more. Sometimes the prizes are worth no more than 5$ – but the effect is the same: the contests go viral and generate a lot more leads than the amount invested in them would have done with the same budget.

The fact is – people just LOVE contests.  Big companies know that, and they use contests as an inexpensive marketing method that works.

The problem for most people so far is that creating contests is a technical hazard that usually involves a monetary investment (programmers, designers etc.).

A really great plugin for wordpress (called Contest Blitz) solves all this for you. It allows you to create unlimited contests, on unlimited websites!

Click here to see how it works

Here’s What Contest Blitz Can Do:

  • Create unlimited contests within WordPress designed to build your email list
  • and drive more traffic
  • After entering contest entrants receive unique referral URL and additional
  • entries into a contest when their friends sign up (viral sharing component)
  • Customize contest length, number of entries per referral, number of winners and more
  • Automatically determine winners at contest close (easy contest management)
  • Email list integration with Aweber, MailChimp, Constant Contact, Get Response etc
  • Use on every wordpress website you own
  • Set up in under 5 minutes

Click here to see how it works

Take your list building to a whole new level with Contest Blitz.

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Conversion results in various marketing venues


In a former post, I told you about a newbie account in CBPassiveIncome (read the CBPassiveIncome newbie results).

Today I want to share with you some statistics regarding the origin of leads.

It’s pretty short, but you can choose where to focus when promoting:

Total leads so far in the newbie account: 197.

Daily leads (average): 11 leads/day.

Clixzor – 62 leads – 2 weeks campaign – cost: 49$ –  return: 58.8$

Apsense – 25 leads – 2 weeks campaign – cost: 0$.

Adhitz – 12 leads – 10 days campaign – cost: 10$.

Bidvertiser – 23 leads – 5 days campaign – cost 0$ (20$ free gift).

All the rest brought various results of below 10 leads each.

Hope it’s useful 🙂

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CBPassiveIncome newbie results

CBPassiveIncome is, in my opinion, one of the best opportunities online.  Stress free (no monthly payment), easy and evergreen (YES – it’s not some trendy product that will be obsolete once google/facebook/whoever changes their algorithm/policy/whatever).

Many people tell me that my success with the system is related to my online marketing experience, so I decided to demonstrate this system works for ANYONE!

In this post, I show how a “newbie” account made more than 80$ after less than one month using the methods I share with my CBPassiveIncome team (you can see them here). Read more »

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